11 Daily Success Secrets (of a reformed party girl)


Hi, my name is Gillian Cargo and I used to be a self confessed (and obsessed) party girl!

I didn’t have much time for, or care very much about the importance of sleep or eating the right foods, I also didn’t speak to myself very lovingly or wasn’t overly concerned about what I put into my body in general. As I got a bit wiser and broadened my horizons outside the club scene, I realised there was more to life than just living for the weekend!
So, I started cultivating new habits and rituals which are now so deeply ingrained and part of my DNA that to NOT do any 1 of these things daily sets off alarm bells in my operating system that something is wrong!

I cant tell you how much I used to take sleep for granted, I totally abused it and certainly did not respect it – until I had a baby who didn’t sleep (for around 4 years!) thats when every hour became so precious to me!
I now treat it like the elixir of life and give it the welcome ceremony it so rightly deserves!


I set my alarm for 6 am to claim some sacred space for myself and to get my mindset in order before my husband and son wake up, I close my eyes for 5 minutes (if its all I have time for) and focus on being thankful for being alive and set my intention for the day i.e. to be more loving, understanding, productive etc…


My phone is full of educational,motivational, inspiring ebooks and audiobooks which i listen to /read everyday. Anytime I was in the car, the old me used to have dance music blaring out of the speakers! Nowadays my car is my mobile classroom (when I’m travelling alone – no one else has the same interest in my preferred listening material!)


Sometimes I free write out all the random thoughts in my head, other times I write purposefully, like, rewriting goals (long and short term) my big dreams, this gets me really fired up and completely motivated for the day ahead!


Before I have breakfast I have lukewarm lemon water, this gets rid of all those nasty toxins from your system, gives you lovely clear skin and neutralises yucky disease causing acid! I then have my 1st and last coffee of the day I’m even working myself up to cutting it out all together (again) caffeine does not comply with the rules of my adrenal glands! (If you are anyway sensitive to the effects of caffeine i urge you to do a bit more research on what it actually does to your innards!) I drink either warm water or tea (herbal or very weak regular tea – rock and roll!) the rest of the day.


Foods that have even a few extra obscure words on the label (or box) are NOT natural!! It does take a bit of getting used to, (if you eat like I used to) but eating foods as close to their natural state as possible are so much better for your health, your energy and your awesomeness!


I know this sounds so obvious! But how much time do we spend shallow breathing? Taking deeeeeep conscious breaths gets oxygen to your brain and all your vital organs helping you think more clearly and function better!


Who are you trying to please today? Above all, please yourself! Be the real authentic you, you will never be truly happy otherwise. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time and energy trying to fit in and please others, trying to make them happy. – In the end, I realised I wasn’t making myself happy, was totally miserable and I certainly wasn’t serving anyone!


This releases endorphins and happy hormones within your body and has such a ripple effect on others, when they come into your presence they can feel your positive vibe when its authentic.


This is a biggie! Being grateful for even the smallest thing in your life has such a huge impact on your attitude, your mood and feelings of wellbeing, it completely lifts your vibration and life is definitely rosier! When I am having a whinefest (whine not wine!) my sparkle is duller, my energy is lower and I definitely don’t feel enthusiastic about anything other than this downward bitchathon I’ve got myself into! When I think about all that I have to be grateful for, the results are instant and I feel fab again!


To me this is the secret to happiness, abundance and freedom! I expect good things to happen and they do, when I am on this high frequency, I am in flow and I feel invincible! When you experience this delicious state DONOT let anything or anyone pull you off track.

I have no doubt you have heard this all before in some shape or form – you maybe even think some of it is purely common sense, but do you actually implement any of it weekly let alone daily?
Miracles happen when we make the decision that nothing is going to stand in the way of our health and wellness – this is true success and it’s time to take ownership of this, no one is going to do it for you! When you truly honour yourself and allow yourself the time and create the space to do these things? You become so much calmer, you can think way more clearly and you become a radically happier human being! 😊

Why 11?
Because it’s the magic number!! ✨✨✨

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